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FLEX 2018-19 Testing Open!

American Councils is proud to announce that the FLEX 2018-19 testing cycle for FLEX is open!  We would like to thank the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan for their support of the program. American Councils would also like to thank the United States government for providing full financing of the FLEX program. We wish good luck to everyone who applies!

FLEX Program Testing Schedule 2018/19 Academic Year

 Testing Center  Date  Time  School
Dashoguz, Dashoguz Region December 2 9:00 School 2, Dashoguz
Мary, Mary Region December 9 9:00 School 19, Mary
Turkmenabat, Lebap Region December 16 9:00 School 2, Turkmenabat
Turkmenbashy, Balkan Region January 6 9:00 School 10, Turkmenbashy
Balkanabat, Balkan Region January 13 9:00 School 3, Balkanabat
Tejen, Ahal Region* January 20 9:00 School 3, Tejen
Аshgabat** January 27 9:00 School 20, Ashgabat

 * Students who study at schools in the Ahal Region can take the FLEX Round 1 Test in Tejen or Ashgabat based on whichever location is more convenient for them.

 ** Students who study at schools in any region can take the FLEX Round 1 Test in Ashgabat if they miss the testing in their home region.  Students can only participate in one Round 1 Test per year.

We invite all students to participate in the competition who:

  • were born between March 15, 2001 and May 31, 2003; students in the 11th grade who are required to complete military service are ineligible;
  • have not lived in the United States for more than three months in the last five years;
  • speak English well;
  • are currently enrolled in a secondary school, having an academic standing of good or better;
  • are eligible to receive a U.S. visa;
  • are citizens of Turkmenistan.

All eligible students are invited to take part in the first round of testing. They must

  • bring proof of eligibility (their passport or original birth certificate),
  • one recent photograph (3×4 cm);
  • a pen;
  • and be wearing their school uniform.

The competition consists of a 15-minute test on basic knowledge of English (Round One), essays in English (Round Two), and an English test, essay and interview (Round Three).

FLEX will offer scholarships to secondary school students from Turkmenistan for the 2019-2020 academic years.  Scholarship recipients will be provided with round-trip travel from their home to the United States and back, as well as an allowance for living expenses.

Scholarship recipients will learn about the United States firsthand by participating in family life, school study and extracurricular activities.  Program participants will also participate in activities in their local communities or areas, and will also have the opportunity to share their own culture with others.

Recipients of FLEX scholarships are selected by an independent panel of experienced educators in the United States on the basis of merit demonstrated in application materials.   Merit is determined by evaluating the written application, recommendations, English language proficiency and an applicant’s demonstrated preparedness for a year-long exchange experience.

This program is open to all high school students who meet requirements of the program including students with disabilities.  More than 300 disabled students have already studied in the U.S. on this program.

For more information about the program or testing in your area, please contact:
American Councils for International Education
Gorogly Street 48a
Telephone/Fax: +99312  36-90-16/21; +99363 50-20-36


International Education Week (IEW)

Please join EducationUSA Advising Center and American Councils for International Education to celebrate the worldwide event – the annual International Education Week (see schedule). As IEW boasted with its 18th anniversary this year we will organize a lot of special educational presentations, discussion panels, games and events all targeting one goal – to introduce the higher education in the United States of America!

IEW Schedule IEW Flyer

Celebration of the FLEX Program 25th Anniversary

On November 3, American Councils organized a reception for 20 senior FLEX alumni to honor FLEX Program 25th Anniversary at the U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer’s residence.

Among the guests were the American Councils and U.S. Embassy Representatives. In the beginning of the reception, American Councils Country Director, Toni Tashev delivered a welcoming speech, during which he highlighted the impact the program has had on Turkmenistan and achievements of FLEX alumni.

Sarah Belousov, the U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer also welcomed the alumni and updated them on resources available at the U.S. Embassy to support alumni activities. A FLEX Program Coordinator, Tatyana Kopytova encouraged alumni to promote a spirit of voluntarism in the country.

Throughout the evening, the alumni played various games ranging from improve games to traditional American board games. Closer to the end of reception, the FLEX Alumni Coordinator conducted a lottery, during which five alumni received memorable gifts. The celebration ended with the cake and words of praise about the impact of FLEX Program on community.