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JOB VACANCY: Dashoguz American Corner Manager

Job Title: Dashoguz American Corner Manager
Reports to: American Corner Grant Manager and the Information Officer at the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy
Deadline for Application: December 8, 2019

The Dashoguz American Corner Manager position is responsible for the smooth operation of the Dashoguz American Corner, including administrative and programmatic management.

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Education fair cancellation

Дорогие Подписчики,

Американские Советы по Международному Образованию с сожалением сообщаю вам, что выставка по высшему образованию в США с представителями колледжей и университетов США, которая должна была состояться во вторник, 29 октября 2019 года, была отменена. Мы искренне ценим Ваш интерес в высшем образовании в США, и приносим извинения за все неудобства.

Еще раз спасибо за Ваш интерес и понимание.

FLEX alumni panel on September 12th 2019

On September 12th, seven FLEX alumni participated in an alumni panel to share their experience in U.S. Alumni discussed their host communities, host families, favorite extracurricular activities and American holiday celebrations. The attendees had a chance to ask questions about the program and how it affected exchange students’ life. The audience noted that each one of the alumni had very different, but equally fascinating experience throughout their stay in America.

There are many more FLEX experience presentations and other events coming up soon in Ashgabat and the regions. For the dates, please see American Center schedule or contact your local American Corner.