Pre-Step: Choose Your Future Major

Pre-Step: Choose Your Future Major

EducationUSA offers accurate, comprehensive and current information about educational opportunities in the United States of America. On the EducationUSA webpage  describing the First Step of EducationUSA “Research Your Options,” one can receive information about: Community College, Undergraduate, Graduate, English Language (ESL), Short-Term, and Online Learning.

In our turn, EducationUSA Center in Ashgabat offers you additional tools and resources to help you choosing your future profession.

Start with the BigFuture Resource

Use BigFuture online resource ( for exploring yourself and careers around you. Read articles and take a variety of personality tests to get an idea of the kinds of occupations that match to your interests. Also, explore all the careers and academic majors with the help of this search engine

Participate in local Career Fair events

Attend Career Fair events and listen to our guest-speakers describing their professions. EducationUSA in cooperation with the Information Resource Center can help you in receiving more information about some really popular majors and professions in the United States of America.

Recent U.S. Higher Education Career Fair event, held during the March 2015, was highlighted by many outstanding presenters who shared their experience of choosing both educational and career paths. EAC offered presentations about International Relations, English Language, Electrical Engineering, Anthropology, Public Administration, History, and Business Administration careers.

We expect such career events to reoccur in the future, hence look for EAC Calendar updates!

Use EAC resources

Visit our EducationUSA Center in Ashgabat and use our library resources including books and public internet for educational purposes. EAC Library boasts with the following titles to help you in your great “career adventure”:

  • How To Choose A College Major, L.L.Andrews, 2006
  • Planning Your Future: Planning your future: resources on careers and higher education, J.S.Fallgatter, S.K.Fox, C.M.Henderson, L.G.Hutton, 1995
  • The Everything Career Tests Book: 10 tests to determine the right occupation for you, A.B.Llewellyn, R.Holt, 2007

Enrich yourself with Massive Open Online Courses

Try a very popular online resource – Massive Open Online courses (MOOCs) to expand your school knowledge in different fields like Engineering, Environmental Science, Robotics and Programming, Economics, International Relations, Computer Science, and many others (find more information about MOOCs here).

Use online learning platforms like EdX, Coursera, Udacity and others to have a virtual American classroom experience from the top U.S. universities and colleges like Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, and etc.

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