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Turkmenistan FLEX 2019 – 2020 Finalists and Alternates List



  Name School Grade
1. Aydogdyyev Yusup #29 10
2. Dovletova Selbi #60 11
3. Zhukova Tatyana #32 11

 Lebap Velayat

Name City School Grade
4. Geldymuradov Nazar Turkmenabat #41 10
5. Rustamova Maral Turkmenabat #29 11
6. Umarova Aziza Turkmenabat #11 11

Mary Velayat

Name City School Grade
7. Mammetgurbanova Gulbahar Mary #5 10
8. Ovezov Arslan Yoloten #2 10
9. Chepiyeva Gulnara Mary #25 11

 Dashoguz Velayat

Name City School Grade
10. Bekchanov Merdan Dashoguz #10 9
11. Hangeldiyeva Nazli Dashoguz #24 11
12 Meredova Mahrijemal Dashoguz #25 10

Balkan Velayat

  Name City School Grade
13. Neznamova Anna Balkanabat #1 10
14. Tagiyeva Aynur Turkmenbashy #5 10
15. Sisekenova Zhamal Turkmenbashy #12 10


Name City School Grade
1. Gaynanov Artur Turkmenabat #26 10
2. Geldyyeva Zohre Ashgabat #79 11
3. Shadiyev Serdar Bayramaly #4 10


Are you still in high school and interested in applying to colleges or universities in the United States? Then you are WELCOME to participate on the college preparatory session with EducationUSA in Turkmenistan.

A 10-month intensive preparatory program aims to provide YOU with the most useful skills for preparing successful application to

U.S. Higher Educational Institutions.

Join UCA to learn everything about American Higher Education System and Educational Opportunities in the United States!

Deadline to submit completed application forms: Saturday, June 15, 2019.  

Participation is open and free to the best and the brightest students in grades 9 – 11; 11th grades must join by July before start of the final school year;

  • Strong English Language skills (English and Math skills will be tested);
  • Strong Interest in applying to the US schools;
  • Good academic standing;
  • Goal oriented and highly motivated;
  • Able to commit for the duration of the program – 10 month;

How to become a UCA participant?
Follow this link to access UCA application form.

  1. Send completed UCA application form along with the supporting documents via e-mail to the relevant EdUSA Advising Center by June 15th, 2019 (Incomplete application will not be reviewed).
  2. Attend Assessment English & Math Tests and Interview;
  3. Become a UCA Participant!

Turkmenabat Local Accepted to a Competitive Social Entrepreneurship Program at Berea College, Kentucky, USA

Berea, Kentucky, USA, January 29, 2019 – Shageldi Ovezov, a 2017 alumnus of the Turkmenabat Undergraduate Cohorts Group Advising (UCA) program and awardee of the EducationUSA Opportunity Grant, shared his success story with us. Currently, he is an undergraduate student at Berea College. Following his dream to bring a change to his community, Shageldi applied and was accepted to a well-known Berea College program – Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG). He will take part in the summer institute among the other enthusiasts of the positive change making. The program will give students a chance to discover the Appalachian region of the US looking through the lens of a social entrepreneur.

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