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FLEX Finalists Departed to the United States

On August 15, 2023 15 FLEX finalists from Turkmenistan successfully departed to the United States and were welcomed into their host communities. We wish FLEX finalists an amazing exchange experience and can’t wait to meet them at Ashgabat International Airport in June, 2024.

Young Professionals Network project – development of youth potential in Turkmenistan

FLEX alumni Yelena Gareyeva’08 and Yazjemal Nuriyeva’08 launched a long-term project aimed at development of youth potential in Turkmenistan. Professional development workshops and networking opportunities that this social project offers are in high demand among Turkmen youth. The ultimate goal is to unite and grow dedicated community of professionals who are ready to learn, share and thrive together. The project is carried out with the support of the American Councils for International Education and the US Embassy in Turkmenistan. The sessions are conducted at the American Center and advertised on U.S. Embassy social media.

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FLEX Alumni in Turkmenistan Participate in Eco-Challenge

Throughout January 15-25 Yelena Gareyeva’08, FLEX Alumni Coordinator announced FLEX Eco-Challenge aimed at bringing attention of alumni to ecological problem, encouraging them to lead eco-friendly lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. FLEXers were asked to turn in pictures with description portraying their positive input into conserving and preserving nature. The Challenge was accepted and around 20 alumni residing in Turkmenistan and abroad took an active part in the competition.

Here is one of the great entries by our alumni:

“I am trying to teach my son to save the earth by reducing the amount of pollution and waste, and by saving electricity and water. We are trying to design our life to live in an eco-friendlier way. So, from a very young age my son does crafts and DIY by reusing cans, bottles, fabric and other plastic and cardboard boxes. Most of our New Year’s decorations are also from leftovers.”Ogulsoltan Ashyrova’05

The turned in entries were thoroughly processed and 4 winners were chosen. They were presented with eco-bags and pots containing ground and seeds ready to be planted. Pots and eco-bags had FLEX Alumni logo on them. The series of FLEX alumni challenges carried out by Yelena, such as the Walking Challenge, Diversity Challenge and Eco-Challenge encourage alumni of different years and residing in different regions/countries to get involved into the alumni community more actively.