Education Fair and International Education Week 2015

International Education Fair 2015
From November 12th to 14th, EducationUSA Advising Center and American Councils for International Education participated in the annual International Exhibition “Education and Sport in the Prosperous Epoch of the Powerful State” hosted by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. Throughout the three-day event, EducationUSA displayed and shared all the advertising materials received from the U.S. higher institutions on their degree programs in the U.S., extensive number of brochures, flyers, and guidelines on financial aid and scholarship search, application process, statement of purpose and more. Moreover, EductaionUSA booth had both TOEFL and SAT Contest for everyone who was interested to test the level of English language and mathematics skills through a mini version of the U.S. standardized test. Visitors of the booth had a chance to win a special EducationUSA gift by scoring well on the contest. Furthermore, participants of the fair were able to wear a real cap and gown for either Undergraduates or Maser’s degree candidate by taking a picture in the EducationUSA photo booth!

During the fall 2015 EducationUSA Advising Center and American Councils for International Education celebrated the worldwide event – the annual Education Fair and International Education Week. As IEW boasted with its 16th anniversary this year we organized the week full of special workshops and presentations, invited guest speakers and Alumni of different U.S. government sponsored programs who shared their personal academic experiences in the United States, met with parents, led panel discussions, educational activities, TEDed and TEDtalks all targeting one goal – to provide an in-depth understanding about the U.S. higher education system!