FLEX – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my child to participate in FLEX?
Registering for FLEX is easy and there is no need to do it in advance of the Round 1 testing day.  To register simply come to your testing center at the appointed time with your Turkmen passport or birth certificate, a passport sized photo and a pen. All students should wear a school uniform. Nothing else is needed. All students who are eligible and who come with the necessary documentation will be registered and tested.

Can I participate in FLEX after I graduate from secondary school?
No. FLEX is a program for secondary school students and graduates are not eligible.

If I took a FLEX test and did not pass, can I participate in FLEX testing in another region?
No. Each student may only participate in FLEX testing one time per year.

If I missed FLEX testing in my city, can I take the test somewhere else?
If you missed a FLEX testing in your city, we encourage you to come to Ashgabat to take the test.

How much English does my child need to participate?
FLEX is not a language program.  Finalists are selected more because they have demonstrated an ability to adapt and thrive in a new environment rather than on their language skills. Participants are tested in their knowledge of the English language because knowledge of spoken and written English will be necessary if students are to successfully participate in school and home life in the U.S.  If the student has demonstrated characteristics that make him/her suitable to become a finalist, but that student’s level of English is not sufficient, that person may receive supplemental language instruction.

Is there a way to prepare for FLEX testing? Are there courses to prepare for the testing?
Successful FLEX candidates demonstrate an ability of a student to adapt to life in a new environment.  A candidate may prepare for the first round of the test by improving his/her English. We recommend the following link:

When are the results of each round announced?
The results of Round 1 are announced the afternoon of the day of the Round 1 test. The results of Round 2 are generally announced about three to six weeks after Round 2 testing. All students invited to Round 3 will receive a phone call. It is not necessary to call the American Councils office.  The results of Round 3 are generally announced in the spring. All FLEX finalists as well as alternative and rejected candidates will be notified by American Councils.

My child has a disability; can he/she participate in FLEX?
We encourage students with disabilities to participate in FLEX. We do all that we can to accommodate disabled students at testing and on the program. No one should feel that their impaired movement, hearing, or sight should keep them from trying to participate in the program. Special materials are available to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities.

If I become a FLEX finalist, do I need to pay for anything?
The program is fully covered by the U.S Department of State. The only expenses that the scholarship does not cover include: costs associated with receiving an international passport; personal expenses; excess baggage costs; telephone calls.