US Undergraduate Workshop March 12, 2016

US Undergraduate Workshop March 12, 2016!

Are you in the process of researching and applying to a U.S. University but lack resources and guidelines for finding the right U.S. University and decide on a major? EducationUSA is here to help! Join US Undergraduate Workshop this March to find out everything about US Schools with a specific major, field of study, the requirements, financial aid offered, and more!

Come to attend two-hour hands-on workshop to acquire all the skills necessary for finding the
Best Fit School in the United States!

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FLEX 2015 Testing Complete

American Councils for International Education has completed all testing for the for the FLEX Secondary School Exchange Program 2016-2017 program cycle in Turkmenistan.

More than 900 students in Turkmenistan participated across seven different testing centers in each region of the country.  Final results for all regions expected in April of 2016.

Finalists in the competition will have the opportunity to live with an American family and study in an American high school during the 2016-2017 school year.
The FLEX program pays for all travel, housing and living expenses for program participants with all funding generously provided by the Government of the United States of America.  FLEX testing is open to all high school students who meet the requirements of the program including students with disabilities.  More than 220 disabled students have participated in FLEX over the program’s history, including 4 from Turkmenistan.

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FLEX Ashgabat results

The FLEX competition in Ashgabat was fairly intense this year with over 370 students participating. The list of Round 3 invitees can be found here. Students invited to Round 3 should come to School #20 at least 15 minutes before their scheduled Round 3 session and MUST bring a BLACK pen. Congratulations to the FLEX participants in Ashgabat who passed Round 2 and best of luck in Round 3!