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Collaborative Zoom Session with American Corners from Bangladesh and Poland

On September 18, Turkmenabat American Corner (TAC) Manager Leyla Jumayeva and Activity Coordinator Akgul Rozyyeva hosted their first live session in collaboration with director of American Corner Chittagong, Bangladesh, Rooma Dass and librarian of American Corner Katowice, Poland, Agnieszka Asenkowicz titled “Effective Ways of Learning English and Useful Resources for It” using zoom platform.

Session covered essential information on English learning followed by each speaker’s personal experience, methods and advices. Participants were familiarized with great online resources for learning English and developing four basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. One of the main advices participants received from the presenters was the importance of setting up SMART goals in achieving fruitful results in English learning.

The session got positive feedback from the audience and staff will keep initiating virtual sessions on achieving TAC common goals. Please join TAC official IMO account ( +993 63 96 85 79) to get more information on our upcoming virtual sessions.

FLEX Talk with Diana Volkova ‘15

On June 10th, a FLEX alumna from Turkmenistan, Diana Volkova’15 conducted a FLEX Talk via Zoom sharing her experience of securing scholarships at Top Universities and getting internships at Top companies. During the talk, Diana briefed participants on ways to make college applications more competitive and provide tips on how to conduct a college search online. The alumni were particularly impressed by Diana’s experience interning at Mercedes Company and asked to follow up on the internship application process. One of the alumni noted that Diana has an inspiring educational/professional portfolio despite her young age. At the end of the FLEX Talk, Diana encouraged participants to research and read more about the STEM fields, shared her LinkedIn profile and presentation slides.