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FLEX Alumni Coordinator

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Issue Date: January 15, 2021
Deadline for Application: January 30, 2021

Position Description
The FLEX Alumni Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the FLEX program Alumni network, planning activities for FLEX Alumni, providing logistical support for FLEX events, compiling monthly  FLEX highlights and success stories, coordinating the updates of the
FLEX Alumni database, and supporting FLEX recruitment. This is a part-time, 15-hour per week position, and is focused on building the FLEX Alumni network in Turkmenistan.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Actively working to improve communication with FLEX Alumni and to increase involvement in the FLEX Alumni community;
• Organizing regular virtual/in-person FLEX Alumni meetings and encouraging FLEX Alumni to attend;
• Constantly gathering feedback from the FLEX Alumni community on how to improve the FLEX Alumni community;
• Developing, overseeing and supporting a network of FLEX City and/or Regional representatives;
• Facilitating FLEX Alumni engagement with all American Councils and USG programs in Turkmenistan;
• Facilitating and promoting employment and career development opportunities for FLEX Alumni;
• Participating in virtual monthly meetings with FLEX Alumni Coordinators from across the region;
• Sharing communications from American Councils with all FLEX Alumni;

Event Organization and Support
• Developing an annual calendar of FLEX Alumni activities that meet FLEX Alumni professional or academic interests and allow FLEX Alumni to contribute to the 5th goal of FLEX: helping people in Turkmenistan better understand US culture;
• Organize at least 1 major event for FLEX Alumni or that involve FLEX Alumni a month
• Providing coordination, support, and encouragement to FLEX Alumni as they plan and execute Alumni activities;
• Coordinating with US Embassy Public Affairs Section to organize USG Alumni events that include FLEX Alumni;
• Supporting and participating in evening activities for the FLEX Pre-Departure Orientations
• Coordinating Reentry Seminars for newly returning FLEX Alumni;
Administration and Reporting
• Actively gathering information about and promoting awareness of FLEX Alumni activities and accomplishments;
• Submitting timely reports to FLEX Headquarters;
• Maintaining up-to-date FLEX Alumni contact information in the official American Councils database;
• Handling FLEX Alumni funds in compliance with American Councils Turkmenistan office finance and reporting procedures;
• Managing, tracking, and reporting on FLEX Alumni activities budgets and spending; Representation
• Representing the FLEX Alumni community in Turkmenistan at meetings and fairs;
• Liasing with local US Embassy contacts on behalf of the FLEX Alumni community in Turkmenistan;
• Disseminating information about FLEX Alumni activities to all American Councils colleagues in Turkmenistan on a regular basis;
• Attending regular office staff meetings, where applicable;
• Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills and Competences
•Successful participation in the FLEX program;
Higher Education is a positive, but not required;
• Enthusiasm for networking;
• Experience and talent for organizing events;
• Previous participation in FLEX Alumni activities;
• Demonstrated leadership ability and experience;
• Ability to encourage, organizes, and motivate peers;
• Willingness to learn and ability to comply with reporting procedures for both activities and finances;
• Ability to speak and write effectively in English and native language (Turkmen and/or Russian);
• Computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Office, web browsers, databases, and ability to learn new programs;
• Ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines consistently.
Employment Benefits
American Councils is a legal entity in Turkmenistan under the Foreign Assistance Agreement between the governments of the United States and Turkmenistan for the purpose of implementing US Embassy education and cultural exchange programs in Turkmenistan.
The incumbent receives a market salary, works 15 hours per week on a 5-day week, earns 20 days of paid vacation and 12 days of paid sick leave per year, has at least 13 paid holidays, and is compensated for overtime with additional paid vacation.
American Councils maintains a friendly, informal office environment. For further information,
please call + 993-63-50-20-36.

Application Instructions
To apply, email a complete application package consisting of a 1) Resume/CV, 2) a cover-letter that includes expected salary, and 3) FLEX Alumni Coordinator Application Form to flex@americancouncilstm.org. Please indicate the name of the position in the subject line of the email and your application. For further information, please call +993-63-50-20-36. Only top candidates with complete applications will be interviewed.
Candidates who are already employed and who want another part-time job are encouraged to apply.
Don`t miss the application deadline – January 30, 2021!

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