Emotional Well-being Workshop in Turkmenistan

On September 7-10, Yelena Gareyeva’08, FLEX Alumni Coordinator from Turkmenistan has organized an Emotional Well-being Workshop for 13 participants at Turkmenabat American Corner. The workshop included both theory and practice exercises that the organizer acquired during FLEX-Ability Workshop. Topics of pro-active behavior, thinking and speaking; self-awareness, thinking errors, effective listening and relationship building, stress management, distinction of fear, anxiety and panic, panic attacks were covered.

The attendees were engaged into practical exercises such as breathing in a box, meditation, being in silence, listening to meditative music, writing a gratitude list, journaling on their emotions. Several group activities, energizers, educational videos (TEDed, TEDTalks) and games were also introduced during an intensive workshop. Two guest-speakers, Maral Jumadurdyyeva’12 and Vepa Hudayberdyyev, active TAC Volunteer were invited to share their experience of flexibility, stress management, cultural shock and soft skills usage in their professional and everyday life experience.

At the end, anti-stress presents – puzzles were presented to the participants for their active involvement. Emotional Well-being Workshop was appreciated by the participants as each of them approached Yelena to talk about their emotional hardships and ask for another workshop on similar topic.