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The TOEFL Test fee is $170

Test Dates Mail-in Registration Deadline Online Registration Deadline
15 October, 2016 29 August, 2016 16 September, 2016
12 November, 2016 26 September, 2016 14 October, 2016
07 January, 2017 14 November, 2016 02 December, 2016
01 April, 2017 13 February, 2017 03, March, 2017


What is TOEFL?
The TOEFL® test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. Wherever you want to study, the TOEFL test can help you get there.

Total time for TOEFL test is 2 hours and 25 minutes. The examination consists of the following sections:

Listening 50 questions 35 minutes
Structure 40 questions 25 minutes
Reading 50 questions 55 minutes
Writing 1 question 30 minutes

How to register for the TOEFL examination?

  • Go to
  • You get to the page where you can Register for the Test
  • On the next page you also choose Register
  • Then you SELECT A TEST CENTER “Turkmenistan” with the test center in Ashgabat No P540
  • Next you fill in all the questions asking you certain biographical information (i.e. full name, address, zip code, etc.)
  • And pay with your credit card*

*American Councils or EducationUSA Advising Center DO NOT pay for your registration fee for TOEFL. You need to have a local or international bank account.

How TOEFL is rated?
TOEFL is rated between the scores of 310 to 677 at the highest.

Skill Score Range
Listening Comprehension 31 to 68
Structure/Written Expression 31 to 68
Reading Comprehension 31 to 67
Total Score 310 to 677

TWE (Writing) is an essay writing, which is rated separately from the TOEFL score and comes on the scale of 1-6.

How much does it cost?
The TOEFL Paper-based test (PBT) costs $170 worldwide. *
*There is no late registration fee.

How to send your results of TOEFL?
Before or on test day, you can list up to 4 universities / colleges (FREE OF CHARGE) as score recipients by entering their codes on the back of your admission ticket and bring it with you to the test center.

Each US institution has a code, which you can easily find on this web-site (download the PDF or ask EducationUSA Coordinator at EAC):

However, if you would like to receive your test score first and THEN send it to US university / college, it will COST you additional $19 for each TOEFL score.

For those submitting their TOEFL for MA and PhD programs, examinees are encouraged to specify the Department codes, which can be found here:

It is expected that you will receive your TOEFL score in about 2 months after the date of examination. However, US colleges and universities will receive your TOEFL score much earlier.

For more information contact us at:
Gorogly street 48A, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
T. (99312) – 36-90-16/21/22 (ext.116)